As anticipation builds for the infra/STRUCTURE 2023 Summit, it’s a prime opportunity to acquaint ourselves with the distinguished participants who will be shaping the discussions at this industry-defining event. One such participant seizing a pivotal role is platinum sponsor NOKIA, a firm that stands synonymous with technological innovation and global connectivity. Join us as we navigate what this powerhouse brings to the forum, illuminating the principles that drive them and the expertise they carry into this grand congregation of industry leaders.


With a heritage rooted in uniting the world through pioneering technology, NOKIA stands tall as a collaborative force, facilitating global connectivity and fostering unified action. Being an entrusted ally in establishing critical networks, NOKIA dedicates itself to spearheading advancements in mobile, fixed, and cloud networks through a rich tapestry of intellectual property and ground-breaking research under the aegis of the renowned NOKIA Bell Labs.

Their commitment extends beyond technological frontiers, reaching towards fostering a world that thrives on inclusivity, sustainability, and heightened productivity, all while upholding the stringent standards of integrity and security.

Involvement Details

Marking a significant presence at the event, NOKIA will be embracing the platinum sponsorship package. This grants them a dedicated space to foster connections and discussions with fellow peersYou can catch their insights live on Day 1, between 3:00 and 3:30 PM, a session promising a rich exploration of industry nuances through NOKIA’s lens.

Industries Served

NOKIA operates with a focused approach, directing their expertise and solutions toward tier 2 and below webscale entities, excluding the top five hyperscalers. Their canvas is broad, encompassing colocation providers, IXPs, and a host of infrastructure and service providers in the cloud domain.

Regional Focus

Globally attuned, NOKIA casts a wide net of influence and operation spanning all continents. From North America and Latin America to the expanses of Europe, Middle East, and Africa, and reaching the vibrant markets of India and the APAC region, NOKIA’s footprint is truly global, harmonizing technological advancements across boundaries.

Leadership Presence

Guiding NOKIA’s substantial presence at the summit are industry veterans Rodney Dellinger (CTO Webscale), Jeff Sugimoto (Global Head of Webscale Sales), and Patrick McCabe (Head of Webscale Marketing). Their collective vision and expertise stand as a testament to NOKIA’s leadership in the sphere, promising enriching engagements and collaborative opportunities.

Event Goals

The summit serves as a fertile ground for NOKIA to nurture existing relationships and forge new alliances. With eyes set on encountering potential collaborators, both in reselling and tech avenues, and amplifying brand resonance, NOKIA aims to be a linchpin in the web of networking opportunities the event promises.

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