As the infra/STRUCTURE 2023 Summit approaches, the role of participants like Platinum Sponsor ING Americas comes into focus. Known for its wholesale financial products and services in the corporate and institutional domains, ING Americas also emphasizes sustainability in its business practices. As we inch closer to the event, understanding the commitments and focus areas of such participants can offer a foresight into the depth of discussions to be anticipated.

About ING Americas

ING Americas, a prominent player in the financial industry, extends a wide array of wholesale financial products and services within the United States, catering to corporate and institutional clients. With a dedicated Telecom, Media & Technology sector team, ING Americas navigates the dynamic and ever-evolving business landscape, recognizing the paramount importance of sector-specific expertise. Its commitment to fostering enduring client relationships is rooted in a profound understanding of clients’ strategic and financial goals.

Beyond its financial prowess, ING Americas embraces sustainability as a core principle. They recognize that sustainability transcends mere environmental impact reduction; it encompasses choices made as a lender, in financing practices, and through services offered to clients. This sustainability commitment is ingrained in their overarching mission: to empower individuals and businesses to stay ahead in life and in the business realm.

Involvement Details

ING Americas proudly takes center stage as a Platinum Sponsor, demonstrating its commitment to fueling the vibrant conversations and innovations within the Internet infrastructure landscape.

Industries Served

Telecom, Media & Technology: ING Americas covers the broad spectrum of digital infrastructure, business and companies and provides a full suite of senior debt financing structures.

Regional Focus

ING Americas primarily focuses on the Americas region.

Event Goals

Their goals encompass enhancing brand visibility, deepening sector insights, driving thought leadership, and fostering invaluable networking opportunities.

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