VerAfied Status Demonstrates Nlyte’s Commitment to Best Security Development Practices to Protect Critical Data Center Information

nlyte-logoNlyte Software today announced that the company has earned VerAfied status for its data center service management (DCSM) solution, which has been certified with the Veracode VerAfied DCSM security mark. With the distinction of achieving an assurance level of high – which is recommended for applications that are critical for business – the VerAfied status demonstrates Nlyte’s commitment to developing secure applications for its customers, further protecting sensitive data.

The VerAfied status offered by Veracode demonstrates that Nlyte is actively identifying and remediating application vulnerabilities to provide its customers with one of the highest levels of software assurance and security verification. This certification is a clear indicator to Nlyte’s worldwide customers that the company’s security has met or exceeded industry standards for security, reliability and compliance.

Nlyte’s DCSM Web App solution exceeded the security score outlined in the Veracode Risk Adjusted Verification Methodology for an application at the high assurance level. Veracode’s risk adjusted verification methodology is based on respected industry standards including MITRE’s Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) for classification of software weaknesses and FIRST’s Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) for severity and ease of exploitability and the National Institute of Technology’s (NIST) definitions of assurance levels.

“We find that organizations frequently consider security when purchasing applications. For this reason, software vendors must find a way to demonstrate that their applications are built using secure development practices,” said Chris Wysopal, CTO of Veracode. “The VerAfied mark tells the world that Nlyte has assessed application vulnerabilities and has complied with industry standards. More importantly, it lets customers know Nlyte is a solution they can trust to keep their critical data center information secure.”

Nlyte is the leading DCSM solution provider for seamlessly automating data center operations and infrastructure into an enterprise’s IT ecosystem. Nlyte DCSM bridges the often-overlooked divide in IT organizations, enabling enterprises to maintain accurate, up-to-the minute information about their IT and data center assets, streamline their processes and improve the measurement of data center operations, thus improving service level agreements (SLAs). Many of the world’s largest and most sophisticated data centers use Nlyte to become more agile, reduce costs and operate more efficiently.

Leading organizations, such as OWASP, the PCI Council, FS-ISAC and NIST, are raising awareness around the need to better understand and reduce the security risks associated with the use of third-party software. The Veracode VerAfied mark ensures that all externally developed software—whether it’s commercial off-the-shelf, SaaS, third-party libraries, outsourced, or open source—complies with security policies.

“Nlyte is constantly improving our solution to reduce attack vulnerabilities, while increasing the security of the information within the system,” said Rob Neave, co-founder and CTO of Nlyte Software. “We’ve designed our DCSM solution to be flexible, scalable and highly secure. This high designation from Veracode validates our commitment to our customers’ security.”

To empower your mission critical facility with a best of breed, secure DCSM solution from Nlyte, contact or call 650-642-2700.