in-memory computing

In-Memory Computing

In-Memory Computing

– Nati Shalom, Founder and Chief Technology Officer with GigaSpaces Technologies, says:

We have recently released the latest version of our in-memory computing platform − XAP 9.7. The XAP in- memory computing platform helps users quickly build and deploy high-performance applications geared for blazing fast event processing and real-time analytics. Two main features of version 9.7 are built-in MongoDB integration, and LINQ support.,

XAP’s MongoDB integration will enable users to use MongoDB as a backing store for the XAP in-memory data grid, furthering XAP’s high-performance and fully-blown transaction support and MongoDB’s scalability and flexibility. Newly introduced LINQ support allows XAP.NET users to submit complex queries to the in-memory data grid using the built-in LINQ syntax, making it more native and easier to use for .NET developers.

XAP 9.7 also contains a number of other enhancements. These include improvements to the query projection mechanism that allows for projecting properties of nested objects and the ability to prioritize specific racks or even data centers when deploying the data grid. Other enhancements include the allocation of primaries and backups, unique constraint enforcements for attributes of objects written to the grid, and a variety of bug fixes.

XAP’s  already existing built-in Cassandra integration, coupled with its newly released MongoDB integration, as well as enhanced integration interfaces to support metadata propagation to backing data stores, allows users to enjoy the full power of the in-memory data grid and NoSQL databases  in the same application. Native .NET users can now also leverage powerful LINQ syntax.

Hundreds of Tier-1 organizations worldwide are leveraging GigaSpaces’ technology to enhance IT efficiency and performance, from top financial firms, e-commerce companies, online gaming providers, healthcare organizations and telecom carriers.

Nati Shalom is responsible for defining the technology roadmap and vision for GigaSpaces products, and for establishing strategic relationships with technology partners.

Shalom brought to GigaSpaces his many years of experience with distributed computing and is known as an industry expert in the challenges and solutions involved in large scale deployments. As a thought leader in Cloud computing, Shalom is the founder of the consortium, and is a frequent presenter at industry conferences, and is actively involved in evangelizing Space Based Architecture, Data Grid patterns, and Real-Time Analytics for Big Data Applications.

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