As cloud computing continues to assert its dominance over local storage, companies across the world are beginning to realize the need for more localized data centers. Fully centralized, massive data storage facilities are now too far from their points of use, causing a higher degree of latency than users are willing to accept.

As a multi-tenant data center provider, DC BLOX provides digital businesses with the infrastructure and connectivity that they need to meet users’ needs. The company recently announced the next phase of its growth: the opening of a new data center in Birmingham, Alabama.

The new facility is the company’s fourth, and it will be its flagship facility. The first phase is ready to welcome tenants with 5 MW of power and 13,000 square feet of office space, including conference rooms, workstations, and demo space. In time, the facility can expand to cover offer up 200,000 square feet and deliver on more than 60 MW of IT load.

The facility has the flexibility to serve a wide variety of tenant organizations, including:

  • Enterprise clients
  • Government entities
  • Healthcare clients
  • Education providers
  • Content providers
  • Managed service companies
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) organizations

Each client benefits from a comprehensive set of service offerings that includes colocation, cloud storage, and high-capacity connectivity. Plus, since DC BLOX has designed the facility specifically to meet the needs of companies that require edge-of-the-network data centers, it boasts low latency and high-speed connections.

DC BLOX is dedicated to offering high-performance connectivity that is both reliable and secure. Tenants of the Birmingham facility will enjoy:

  • Enhanced security compliance with Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) standards
  • Connection to a fully protected private network with 100 Gbps+ bandwidth
  • Access to multiple carriers
  • Secure cloud connectivity

The facility itself is similarly reliable and securely equipped, featuring N+1 redundancy for power and cooling systems. The data center is also rated to withstand winds of more than 150 mph.

This kind of high-performance data center is rare in the Southeastern U.S., which currently hosts few Tier 3 data centers. The new Birmingham Data Center from DC BLOX will provide these underserved markets in the Southeast with critical colocation services, thus relieving companies of the need to pay for and manage their own data centers. Tenants will enjoy access to the resources that are necessary to compete in today’s geographically disparate IT environment.

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey has eagerly welcomed the new data center, which will advance Birmingham’s technological capacity and create lucrative jobs for local residents. Alabama sees the facility as an investment in the state’s future, and DC BLOX is excited to serve in that role.