Bluebird Network, LLC, a Midwest telecommunications company, recently announced that its President and CEO, Michael Morey, was appointed as Chairman of the Board for the Missouri Telecommunications Industry Association (MTIA). MTIA provides a forum for discussion and cooperation between companies as they take on the challenges that impact the Missouri telecommunications industry. With Morey’s appointment, Bluebird is ideally poised to foster greater collaboration between the company and MTIA’s other members. At the same time, Morey’s status as Chairman of the Board will strengthen Bluebird’s presence in Missouri markets and help the company more effectively facilitate broadband benefits for local communities and businesses.

“MTIA has provided an open, supportive forum to the Missouri telecom industry for over 100 years, fostering relationships, promoting greater understanding of the industry and providing education and training opportunities,” says Morey. “I am very honored to be elected as Chairman of such a vital and important group.”

Morey has served as President and CEO of Bluebird Network since 2012 and brings more than 37 years of telecommunications expertise to his role with MTIA. During his time with Bluebird Network, Morey’s strong management skills and deep insight have empowered the company to more than double in size and receive multiple INC 5,000 recognitions as one of the fastest-growing private companies nationwide.

Morey’s appointment as Chairman underscores the company’s dedication to supporting Missouri and the greater Midwestern telecommunications industry. Bluebird Network remains committed to densifying its network and expanding its reach, delivering critical and reliable broadband and high-speed data capabilities to urban, rural and underserved areas throughout the region.

“We are fortunate to have an industry veteran of Morey’s caliber lead our association,” said Richard Telthorst, President & CEO of the organization. “Morey brings a wealth of experience and industry contacts to the position, and he’ll keep us engaged and involved in Missouri public policy issues impacting our member companies.”

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