The landscape of data centers is rapidly evolving, and industry leaders are gathering to share their insights on the emerging trends that are shaping its future. Datacloud USA 2023, is set to take place in Austin, Texas on September 11, 2023. One of the highly anticipated sessions of the conference is the panel discussion, “Breaking Ground: How do we navigate the opportunities and challenges of emerging data center markets?” This discussion promises to shed light on the dynamics of secondary markets and their impact on the industry.

Exploring Emerging Data Center Markets

In the era of digital transformation, data centers have become the backbone of modern business operations. As organizations increasingly rely on data-driven strategies, the demand for data center infrastructure has surged. Traditionally, data centers were concentrated in major metropolitan areas, but the trend is shifting towards exploring secondary markets. Locations like Portland, Phoenix, and Columbus are gaining attention as operators seek larger sites with affordable power to meet the escalating requirements of data-intensive applications.

The panelists of the session, including industry experts like John Bonczek, Chief Revenue Officer of fifteenfortyseven Critical Systems Realty, bring a wealth of experience to the table. They will delve into the complexities of these emerging markets and discuss how these new locations are reshaping the data center industry. With his extensive background in the field, John Bonczek is poised to offer unique insights into the strategies that companies like fifteenfortyseven Critical Systems Realty are employing to maximize returns in this shifting landscape.

Panelists at the Forefront of Change

The panel consists of a distinguished group of professionals who have played pivotal roles in steering the data center industry towards innovation and growth. In addition to John Bonczek, who has an expertise in understanding market trends and navigating through challenges, the following attendees will further offer a comprehensive view of the industry’s future.

James Grice, Chair, Data Centers and Digital Infrastructure Practice, Akerman: As an authority in the legal aspects of data center development and operations, James Grice brings a unique perspective to the table. His insights into the regulatory landscape and legal considerations associated with emerging markets will be invaluable.

Amar Khan, Head of Network Site Investments, Meta: Amar Khan represents one of the tech giants in the industry, Meta. His participation on the panel will provide a glimpse into the data center strategies of a global technology company and how they are leveraging emerging markets to support their expanding infrastructure.

Michael Krza, CEO, RadiusDC: Michael Krza’s leadership as CEO of RadiusDC underscores his deep understanding of data center operations. His presence on the panel will likely shed light on the challenges and opportunities from the perspective of a data center operator.

Shaping the Data Center Landscape

Datacloud USA 2023 promises to be an event that not only explores the current state of the data center industry but also provides a glimpse into its future. As the industry continues to evolve, the insights and strategies exemplified throughout Datacloud will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in guiding businesses towards success in the dynamic world of data centers. With leaders like John Bonczek and others at the forefront, the session holds the promise of fostering a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges that emerging data center markets present.

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Stay tuned for the exciting discussions and revelations that Datacloud USA 2023 is set to bring to the forefront of the data center industry.