Empire Access, a distinguished fiber internet service provider, has declared its expansion of broadband internet services in Elmira, New York. With an unwavering commitment to delivering rapid internet speeds to both homes and businesses, Empire Access is poised to transform the digital landscape of Elmira. This move reinforces the company’s dedication to serving communities beyond the major metropolitan hubs.

Empowering Elmira with High-Speed Fiber Optic Internet

Headquartered in Prattsburgh, New York, Empire Access has garnered a reputation for offering cutting-edge fiber optic internet services across the Southern Tier of New York and Northern Pennsylvania. The company’s latest endeavor targets the residents and businesses of Elmira, including North Elmira, South Elmira, and the City of Elmira, by providing them with leading broadband internet solutions.

Paving the Way for a Digital Revolution

Over the past year, Empire Access has embarked on an impressive journey of expansion, strategically extending its service area to encompass communities that are often overlooked by internet providers. By venturing beyond the boundaries of metropolitan areas, Empire Access aims to bring a high standard of internet access and provide high-speed internet to areas that have often faced connectivity challenges.

A Customer-Centric Approach

At the heart of Empire Access’s success is its steadfast dedication to its customers. The company boasts an impressive suite of services that extend beyond high-speed internet to cover various aspects of modern connectivity. Among the remarkable services Empire Access offers are:

  1. Streaming TV: Delivering a seamless streaming experience with crystal-clear HD picture quality, restart TV, Whole Home DVR, and more.
  2. Phone Plans: Comprehensive home and business phone plans equipped with toll-free numbers, voicemail, hosted phone systems, and an array of other features.
  3. IoT Security and Home Automation: Providing 24/7 video monitoring, remote lock and unlock capabilities, appliance and climate control, and security management, all accessible from computers or smart devices.
  4. Advanced Business Services: Catering to businesses with offerings such as enterprise Wi-Fi, high-security firewalls, business emails, audio and video conferencing, dark fiber, and metro-Ethernet.

A Local Touch

What sets Empire Access apart is its integration into the communities it serves. By hiring local residents as part of its teams, the company showcases a commitment that extends beyond providing connectivity to becoming an integral part of the neighborhoods it serves. This localization not only ensures personalized support but also solidifies the bond between the company and its customers, making Empire Access a true partner in its communities.

Joining the Journey Towards Connectivity

Empire Access’s CEO, Jim Baase, expresses his excitement about being part of the Elmira community and his commitment to bringing the best internet services to residents and businesses alike. The company’s customer-first approach and dedication to providing top-tier support set it apart from the competition.

As the completion of construction looms in early October 2023, Elmira’s residents, businesses, and local governments can look forward to greater availability of critical digital services, powered by Empire Access’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

To keep pace with this transformative journey and receive updates on the availability of fiber optic services, visit Empire Access’s official website, call (800) 338-3300, or email info@empireaccess.com. With Empire Access as a partner, Elmira’s future is set to shine brightly in the digital age.