IT Monitoring

Jeremy Sherwood, Cloud Strategist, ScienceLogic, says:

In the pursuit of IT operations excellence, managed service providers (MSPs) often fail to maximize productivity, efficiency, and growth due to disparate point solutions in the IT infrastructure that impede performance. This hinders growth potential, negatively impacting the bottom line. Therefore, achieving optimal conditions, or what can be considered as ‘IT operations nirvana’ requires three key IT elements of monitoring – automation, multi-tenancy, and visibility – to push the business forward., a provider of secure, enterprise-class cloud infrastructure, is a good example. The company was at a crossroads when it entered a fiercely competitive, high-growth market. Having built a secure and cost-effective solution to protect sensitive corporate data and brand reputations, needed to implement an IT monitoring solution that would benefit its cloud customers and give it a competitive edge. After searching for an IT monitoring platform that would meet its needs, settled on ScienceLogic. The customizable dashboard, real-time visibility, and analysis of all IT assets provided by ScienceLogic improved’s IT operations and efficiency, helping the company expand its customer base. Additionally, the automated platform unburdened’s IT staff from the time consuming maintenance associated with traditional IT point solutions. This freed company staff to spend time on more valuable tasks, such as providing high-quality service to clients.

Reaching IT Transcendence credits automation, multi-tenancy, and visibility – three key IT monitoring elements provided by ScienceLogic – with helping the service provider scale quickly to meet growing demand and stay competitive within its market.

  • Automation: Automation helps companies get a firm grasp on their processes, increasing staff efficiency to better meet business goals. A robust IT monitoring solution will increase productivity through automation. If a data center goes down or an outage occurs, the problem is automatically routed to the right IT employee that can act quickly to fix the issue. Knowing that an outage of any kind could be detrimental to its business and its customers, knew an IT monitoring tool with built-in automation was essential. Automation not only simplified’s IT processes, but it gave the company a leg up in the marketplace as a growing base of customers sought out a secure and reliable cloud infrastructure provider.
  • Multi-tenancy: expected rapid growth, and multi-tenancy allowed the company to achieve an individualized level of insight and control over its cloud infrastructure. This empowered to create new tiers of product offerings for its growing customer base.
  • Visibility: Whether an organization is looking to differentiate its services or manage growth, it needs visibility to achieve operations excellence. IT managers and CIOs that lack real-time visibility into the IT infrastructure miss out on managing workloads between disparate IT environments, which often leads to poor performance and unnecessary spending on other IT tools and services. Organizations must adopt an IT monitoring tool that provides transparency and analysis of what is happening to the infrastructure. For and other MSPs, visibility earns a customer’s trust, while ensuring the customer will experience impeccable service quality.’s path to managing its growth while focusing on its clients to provide great service required proactive IT monitoring. But with automation, multi-tenancy, and visibility at the core of an IT monitoring solution, any MSP can undergo an IT transcendence.