Data Center POST Interview with Tom Brown, President & CEO DataGryd and Phil Koblence, Chief Operating Officer at New York Internet

It’s no secret that companies’ infrastructure needs are evolving. There are countless articles referencing the break-neck pace at which migrations are happening from in-house infrastructure to outsourced colocation and cloud solutions. With the growth of cloud, the advent of 5G, and the rapid expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT), the role of the Data Center is evolving in exciting ways. To facilitate the technology of the future, businesses need powerful and scalable solutions that can successfully future-proof their infrastructure strategy. They also need these solutions to be cost-effective and easy to deploy. Enter DataGryd, a premier data center provider in New York City, and NYI, a leading global provider of managed hybrid IT solutions. These two heavy-hitters have partnered up, bringing unparalleled infrastructure, enhanced connectivity, and comprehensive managed hybrid IT solutions to customers seeking a presence in New York City’s famed 60 Hudson Street global carrier hotel.

To discuss how this distinct collaboration will accelerate deployments, support evolving technologies and provide cost-saving opportunities for clients, Data Center POST sat down with Tom Brown, President and CEO of DataGryd and Phil Koblence, COO of New York Internet (NYI).

The New York City market presents an atypical set of data center challenges. What are some of the synergies you see from the partnership between New York Internet (NYI) and DataGryd that will benefit your clients?

Phil Koblence, Chief Operating Officer, New York Internet (PK): There hasn’t been much new data center construction in New York City, making the DataGryd asset unique. Additionally, the logistical hurdles involved in a deployment within the city, have traditionally made it a particularly cumbersome location to build out, both from a cost and time perspective. This partnership is designed to change all that by providing the enterprise and carrier market with the same type of ease of deployment, flexibility, cost-efficiency and scalability that smaller companies have realized with the cloud for individual app deployments. In terms of synergies, connecting next-generation, high-density colocation with a near limitless ability to connect carriers throughout the extensive legacy infrastructure in NYC creates a winning combination, covering every relevant point of presence.

Tom Brown, President & CEO, DataGryd (TB): The ability to offer customers a complete solution that includes managed services is compelling for DataGryd and the market. The NYI high-touch approach optimizes efficiency, both in terms of deployment and operations, creating the right solution for specific client challenges. DataGryd helps customers build a best-of-breed data center environment, with a focus on energy efficiency, utilizing unmatched power and cooling infrastructure in New York City.

How do you see this partnership value working to further benefit NYI clients?

PK: Extending NYI’s high-touch approach to larger-scale infrastructure requirements is inherently beneficial for our clients. Even if NYI clients outgrow our existing facilities, they can continue experiencing the same stellar customer experience that has differentiated us for over 22 years while seamlessly expanding their operations to the most robust infrastructure available in NYC in one of the most well-connected buildings in the world.

And what about DataGryd clients – how do you see them benefiting from the partnership?

TB: DataGryd customers can now leverage NYI’s colocation facilities, services, custom hybrid solutions, direct SDN-enabled onramp to the cloud and more while avoiding exorbitant fees. With DataGryd’s in-building connectivity solutions we have seamlessly integrated the ecosystem available at NYI and as a result, we’ve substantially reduced the cost of cross-connects traditionally inherent within 60 Hudson. In addition, we now have a place for clients who need a sub 100 KW footprint. This allows our clients to save significantly on total cost of ownership (TCO), deploy quickly, and scale more easily.

The building at 60 Hudson is clearly an international hub. How do you see that playing out for the partnership?

PK: 60 Hudson offers international carriers/providers an established US presence.

Leveraging the NYI-DataGryd partnership, the client can plan for a large-scale deployment in a building that allows instant connectivity to nearly any global carrier. Having our staff manage that deployment gives the client ultimate flexibility, minimizing the cost and maximizing the speed. Clients then have a turnkey deployment in the US, with NYI and DataGryd as their infrastructure and connectivity partner along with boots-on-the-ground for ongoing support.

TB: Connectivity at 60 Hudson is already in place to facilitate connectivity between international end users, carriers, content providers, and more. By utilizing the NYI-DataGryd partnership, decision makers are able to focus on their primary business knowing we have their infrastructure management and TCO’s top of mind. Partnering with us minimizes the cross-connect burden and ramps up an operation significantly faster at a substantially reduced cost.

A holistic, human-touch approach is a differentiator for NYI and DataGryd, do you think you might be starting a new trend at Carrier Hotels?

PK: Absolutely. There’s a clear need globally, to help facilitate deployments in major connectivity hubs like NYC, to help carriers and end users alike navigate the many challenges associated with getting up and running quickly and painlessly. Where in the past large teams would have to be deployed for extended periods of time to complete a buildout, an engagement with a company like NYI, backed by partnerships with companies like DataGryd, can streamline the process substantially, and the cost savings associated with localized knowledge, is significant.

TB: Absolutely agree. You have to look at the TCO. As an example, the cost of cross-connects frequently cuts into margins and can end up costing more than the underlying connectivity. Here’s where you can see the value in leveraging the NYI-DataGryd partnership to determine the most cost-effective way to achieve the relevant connections in our market.  We are continuously saving our clients tens of thousands of dollars in monthly recurring fees through our localized industry knowledge.