1025Connect, Long Island’s premier network-neutral Meet-Me Room for network interconnection and colocation, recently announced that it has restructured and refocused its company management and core values. Now, the company invites its partners and customers to discover the ‘new’ 1025Connect and re-imagine what colocation and interconnectivity means for their businesses.

After entering 2019 in a favorable position, the new 1025Connect ensures continued success by promoting focus on its core differentiators: new management, connectivity, the Continental Edge, customers, partners and its premier facility status. To begin this transformation, the company welcomes a new management team of dynamic leaders.

Known throughout the industry for its ability to connect global subsea systems to terrestrial networks, the company’s New York-based, premier, independent, carrier-neutral interconnection facility is at the central crossroads of the region’s transcontinental internet traffic systems and is augmenting its market eminence with this revamp.

The company a to leverage the most densely connected facility on Long Island. Currently boasting competitive pricing with no monthly cross-connect or interconnection fees, the 1025Connect facility offers flexible interconnection with the ability to bypass Manhattan completely for greater network diversity. As part of the development process for the new 1025Connect, this facility is undergoing a transformative upgrade, allowing for bolstered scalability and the provision of reliable, around the clock supervision, all while remaining nimble with shorter-than-average project lead times.

“We are constantly searching for ways to become better than we were yesterday. We want to bolster our success by realigning our business approach and zeroing in on what we know is important to us and our customers,” states Jeff Wasserman, President of 1025Connect. “We’re excited for our customers and partners to grow and flourish as a result of this new chapter in our company’s story.”

With the help of the unique networking abilities of Long Island, 1025Connect has already developed itself as a hub for both domestic and global data transport. Long Island features extensive submarine cable systems (including the AC-1, AC-2, AEConnect and more) and a variety of Manhattan bypass fiber routes.

1025Connect also differentiates itself by being part of the Continental Edge. The company’s interconnection facility currently serves as the Easternmost peering point in the New York metro area, connecting the New York metro area to Europe. As part of this realignment, the new 1025Connect has renewed its concentration on their role in the Continental Edge. Now, the company is working to augment this best-of-breed holistic communication solution with its ability to provision future-proof direct access to multiple Subsea Cable Systems connecting North America to Europe and South America. The Continental Edge, which is accessible from either side of the Atlantic, utilizes the most modern North American subsea cable system currently available. Due to 1025Connect’s neutrality, which provides cost-effective access to a variety of dark fiber and Lit service networks, the company has been selected as the landing site for the Continental Edge.

With this refocus, the new 1025Connect re-energizes its unfailing dedication to its customers, ensuring top tier critical infrastructure, fortified connectivity options and a superior digital experience for carriers, service providers, enterprise customers and partners across the board. 1025connect is perfectly poised to deliver elevated services and support to ensure it remains the place where business, connections and opportunities occur.


Learn more about 1025Connect, visit: www.1025connect.com.