matt bushell

Workflow Process Management

– Matt Bushell, Senior Product and Corporate Marketing Manager for Nlyte, says:

We recently announced the Nlyte 7.5 release of their data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software suite at Data Center Dynamics’ New York show with a specific focus on Advanced Workflow Process Management. The latest version of the DCIM platform introduces workflow features that improve operational efficiency through the introduction of intelligent business process and resource management and enhanced task management.  No longer is DCIM just focused on what many call the “low hanging fruit” – power and cooling. Nlyte 7.5 delivers on the next evolution in DCIM technology by arming companies with not only predictive intelligence and management controls, but also now with Advanced Workflow Process Management to further reduce operational risks and achieve smarter, more efficient and highly available data centers.

Nlyte 7.5 features:

  • The ability to assign tasks based on availability;
  • The ability to track task progress across a workflow;
  • The ability to view work orders directly from the asset elements themselves;
  • An in-box like list of tasks with priorities that a worker requires.

Once you have a workflow defined, it is the seamless process of creating a workflow that really showcases the Nlyte platform with its easy to use drag-and-drop, interconnected functionality. For example, want to provision 100 servers?  You can create a project, predict the outcomes, and then execute within the Nlyte system precisely where those assets go, by whom, and when – down to the shift and hour if need be. All told, the Nlyte platform provides a highly-intuitive user experience for accessing information in complete context, with the ability to drill up or down, zoom in or out, with a fantastic combination of visual and textual information right at your fingertips. Nlyte 7.5 builds on this with all of its workflow capabilities.

The importance of workflow really begins to manifest itself in the datacenter when you integrate ITSM connectors/ticketing items down to the data center floor with Nlyte. With a system such as Nlyte 7.5, you can do so even easier with its further refined drag-and-drop process.

With existing implementations of its workflow functionality already ranging up to 500 users, Nlyte 7.5 is simply continuing to extend its leadership role in DCIM with Nlyte 7.5 and Advanced Workflow Process Management.