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mef16-qa-marc-halbfinger-ceo-pccw-global-delivering-third-network-service-innovation-requires-broad-collaboration-deep-organizational-changeMEF16 – Marc Halbfinger, CEO, PCCW Global sits down for an interview with Nan Chen, President, MEF – Marc shares that service providers are being driven to think differently about how they deliver solutions to address changing customer requirements in the cloud era.  He notes that PCCW Global has supported the work of MEF because of the coalition of players the organization has brought together to focus on driving the thought processes around service and technology innovation. It is particularly important that we have strong industry collaboration as we shift from hardware-centric thought processes to a software-centric  approach.  Marc notes that MEF’s Third Network vision is critical to moving the industry forward.

What do we need to do next?  Marc challenges industry players to consider the implications of the shift to software-based applications or feature sets that can be rapidly introduced.  MEF’s LSO Reference Architecture deals with how different networking environments meet between the physical layer and the software layer.  LSO technical standards need to developed more aggressively with commercial (profit/loss) thought processes in the mix.  The key is to collaborate across a technical standard that facilitates collaborative commercial thought from a domestic ecosystem to an international ecosystem.  Marc also emphasized that it is very important to prioritize a collaborative approach to network security.

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