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improved-connectivity-is-coming-to-the-mid-atlantic-1Stretching from New York to Maryland, the Mid-Atlantic is one of the most competitive and fast-paced business regions of the country and home to a large concentration of finance, media, communications and government entities. It goes without saying that efficient and reliable connectivity is vital for success in this market.

Mid-Atlantic-based organizations will now have more options when purchasing connectivity, thanks to a new partnership between Agile Data Sites (AGILE) and Level 3 Communications, Inc.

improved-connectivity-is-coming-to-the-mid-atlantic-2AGILE will now expand into new and diverse areas in the Mid-Atlantic region, providing simplified solutions for enterprise cloud integration as well as increased connectivity for Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). Level 3’s presence within AGILE facilities will give tenants new resources for handling growing bandwidth needs, as well as access to dark fiber and high-speed international IP services with increased redundancy.

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