Randy Clark, CMO, UC4 Software (www.uc4.com):

As DevOps and Continuous Delivery gain traction and adoption increases, IT organizations need strong governance, cross-team coordination and traceability to succeed and scale these initiatives across the enterprise. In response to this demand, UC4 Software, an independent IT Process Automation solutions provider, and CollabNet, an Enterprise Cloud Development company, have announced a strategic partnership to help IT organizations achieve enterprise DevOps at scale. The companies will jointly develop, market, sell and support a comprehensive end-to-end DevOps platform. The joint offering provides the automation, scalability and governance enterprises need to bring development and IT Operations closer together to deliver software faster and reduce IT costs.

The goals of development teams and IT operations are often at odds. While development focuses on creating new applications or features as rapidly as possible, IT Operations is concerned with stability, and perceives change as high risk that often introduces unpredictability. To reconcile the conflict between IT operations that care about the release process and are cautious of the deployment event, and development teams who try to introduce as much innovation as quickly as possible, organizations need clear processes and process automation to speed the roll out of innovation to the customer and to guarantee roll back to working systems if launch problems occur.

DevOps and Continuous Delivery are the answer, as they provide the following:

·         Productivity and Agility: Transforms cumbersome and manual application deployments of build, test, staging and production software/hardware images into fully governed, Lean and efficient automated processes that now take minutes instead of hours or days.

·         Compliance and Governance: Automates end-to-end tracking of all deployment-related changes and delivers detailed reporting on deployment status, change activity and the segregation of duties for strategic planning and efficient execution.

·         Efficiency and Cost Savings: Greatly reduces the risk of capital and brand-damaging losses by eliminating deployment-related outages, as well as saves on resources needed to configure, deploy and fix defects.

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