Joel Selanikio

– Dr. Joel Selanikio, CEO and co-founder, Magpi, says:

Data collection – all too often, the term refers to stacks upon stacks of paper followed by the even more burdensome task of input and analysis. Whether surveys, census reports, opinion polls, or any other form of research, the job is often tedious, yet necessary. But as the world and its workforce become more digitally inclined, traditional data collection is being turned on its head – and for the better.

Using digital means of data collection, such as mobile devices, is helping streamline the data capture and analysis process. The benefits of eliminating paper forms and going mobile are numerous: real-time data collection and syncing, dramatic time and cost savings, improved data quality, and, of course, reducing the environmental impact of paper.

Mobile data collection is making the gathering and processing of important information easier than ever, which is why industries around the world are turning to digital data collection application providers like Magpi.

Today, equipped with innovative, easy-to-use, cloud-based apps created via Magpi, individuals in healthcare, oil and gas, international development, transportation and more, can gather survey or other information with the touch of a button. Magpi is working to make gathering information easier, faster, accessible and more efficient to those who need it, regardless of cell service or the latest technology.

To keep up the ever-changing needs of customers in the field, Magpi recently introduced next generation features to its mobile data collection and mass-messaging applications:

  • New data-entry flexibility – enter data one question at a time or all at once in a list
  • Auto-update – form changes are automatically updated on connected field devices
  • Auto-share – new forms automatically synced to connected field devices
  • Subforms – easily repeat question groups on a form
  • Improved network performance – optimized send/receive protocols for better performance over slow networks
  • Dynamic messaging – broadcast messages can be timed to recipients’ ages, appointments, and other special dates
  • Import message lists – bulk import messages for broadcasting
  • Track data modifications – improved logging of form and data edits

In just three years, Magpi has gone from 3,000 registered users to 33,000. As one of the most widely used technologies in international development and public health, Magpi now turns its focus to the commercial sector.

Magpi empowers businesses in need of surveys, inspections, compliance audits, research, supply chain management, geo-data information collection and other forms to simply create a mobile form, then deploy it in minutes to any device. It also makes broadcast messaging possible for any organization, enabling users to create mass SMS or voice messaging campaigns in any language from an easy-to-use web interface, without having to work through local carriers.

Data collection has come a long way, but it can still go further. As Magpi continues to innovate in the mobile data collection space, the simplicity of its apps will mean millions of users around the globe will have access to easy collection of accurate data for virtually any purpose.

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