Liquid Technology, an industry-leading IT asset disposition service provider, recently announced that they have expanded their footprint beyond their initial New York location and opened a new facility in Chicago, offering augmented value to customers. Currently, Liquid Technology is one of the only local companies specializing in IT asset disposition (ITAD) in the Chicago area. With this new facility, customers can benefit from the company’s increased capacity, faster processing capabilities and cost savings. The expansion will also immediately create both entry-level and senior job opportunities for engineers and recycling technicians, with up to 15 new job opportunities becoming available in the near future.

Chicago stands as Liquid Technology’s second largest market, with many customers coming from FinTech, trading, exchanges, pharmaceuticals and other emerging technology markets.  For businesses like these that work with sensitive information, data security remains a top priority during the asset retirement process. To meet the needs of security-focused clients, strengthen best practices and ensure high levels of data safety, the new facility, located at 487 Thomas Drive in Bensenville, IL, offers augmented chain of custody safety. The location’s 19,400 square feet of additional space also allow the company to more effectively and efficiently process assets and deliver faster turnaround times for these customers. The facility is expected to process up to 10,000 pieces of technology equipment monthly.

“We’re excited to be expanding and establishing our presence further in this market,” comments Richard Greene, Managing Partner at Liquid Technology. “Our top priority is and always has been to serve as a trusted partner and deliver top-tier services to our clients, and this Chicago facility makes that even easier.”

While the industry is moving increasingly toward cloud-based processes and is adopting emerging technologies, the amount of outdated IT assets and e-waste is continuing to grow. Liquid Technology’s range of expert IT asset disposition services ensure that any harmful e-waste that is created from digital transformation is ethically and safely discarded. This helps to facilitate the protection of global communities and ecosystems while delivering the highest possible return for clients. Additionally, Liquid Technology’s services are e-Stewards Certified, R2 Certified, and ISO 14001 Certified to ensure that all client requirements and local, state and federal regulations are met thoroughly, easily, and with transparency. The company serves as a partner to businesses, delivering ITAD solutions that offer greater security, maximized ROI and minimized business risk.

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