Digital Crossroads (DX Hammond OpCo, LLC) recently announced that as of Thursday, June 27, 2019, Indiana Governor Eric J. Holcomb has formally signed the Indiana Data Center Tax Incentive. The legislation, signed at an official ceremony in Indianapolis, is the result of a collaborative effort between Digital Crossroads Data Center and other leading technology businesses in the region and makes Indiana the nation’s most competitive state for new data centers.

“The Indiana legislature has been working for 13 years to pass this type of data center incentive legislation, and Digital Crossroads is delighted this legislation is now in effect,” said Thomas P. Dakich of Digital Crossroads. “Gov. Holcomb and Rep. Edmund Soliday (R-Valparaiso) showed tremendous leadership in the passage of these incentives and Hoosiers will quickly see an enhancement of the local economies by data center expansion that will bring jobs and progress to the area.”

The new law will spur huge growth in the data center sector for Indiana by offering tax exemptions for energy and other necessary equipment for new facilities constructed in the state for up to 50 years. This represents the longest exemption period available in any state across the U.S. The powerful sales tax exemptions for construction and build-out costs will ensure that the state of Indiana will continue to attract data center investments and interest from a range of both established and up-and-coming technology companies.The cutting-edge business that will be drawn to the region as a result of this legislation will bring with it economic growth and greater opportunities for surrounding communities.

“Indiana is on the leading edge of the digital economy and is already attracting substantial investment from data centers and numerous large technology companies,” said Peter Feldman, Chief Executive Officer of Digital Crossroads. “By providing exemptions on sales tax for equipment, information technology hardware, software and infrastructure as well as electricity, Gov. Holcomb is helping to ensure businesses like Digital Crossroads, and all their potential customers, achieve their full potential.”

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