– Stacy Mancinelli, Marketing Manager at MessageOps, says:

The new 365 Command from MessageOps is the first web-based portal that simplifies execution of common Office 365 administrative tasks without requiring complicated coding that can lead to mistakes.

The enterprise-level tool features a rich, HTML5 graphical user interface that administrators find easy to navigate as they change mailbox settings, monitor use and generate reports in vivid detail, a major improvement over the plain-text constraints of Windows® PowerShell scripts.

The product has garnered attention from more than 900 business clients worldwide who use 365 Command to manage more than 450,000 individual mailboxes, including mapping location and reporting size.

“365 Command makes Office 365 usable,” said Phil George, principal at NURV, a cloud computing solutions provider serving Western Australia. “I would not provide Office 365 if this tool didn’t exist.”

Others tout the service for eliminating the need to memorize PowerShell commands and write scripts. “365 Command adds a whole new layer of management to our Office 365 environment,” said Chris Westgor, technical services manager with the Village of Schaumburg, Ill., a Chicago suburb. “We can modify user settings quickly and easily, which makes our IT team more productive.”

As a hosted subscription service 365 Command requires no installation, and setup takes only minutes. The service automatically populates the admin dashboard interface with Office 365 account data to render complete administrative capabilities with point-and-click ease. Administrators and Help Desk staff will be able to:

  • View charts and graphs depicting overall user data, device access, total mailbox count and size.
  •  Edit mailboxes to establish forwarding addresses, create shared mailboxes, change access permissions and create and modify passwords.
  • Produce reports showing devices by mailbox and download them as Microsoft Excel or CSV files.
“365 Command offers point-and-click ease that makes Office 365 administration as simple as navigating any common website to perform routine tasks quickly and eliminate programming errors,” said Chris Pyle who demonstrated 365 Command to attendees at the Tech Data TDCloud conference in January.