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Innovation Increased Security and Energy Efficiency Are Among the Key Attributes of ProgressiveTechnavio predicts the global data center market to grow at a CAGR of close to 11 percent between 2016 and 2020. The rise in digitization and cloud computing among enterprises have necessitated the construction of data center facilities across the globe. However, where there is heavy competition among data center and colocation providers, there are also those who stand out among the competition, tapping innovation, increasing security, improving efficiency and providing renewable energy resources for their customers to achieve continuous growth year after year.

Innovation Increased Security and Energy Efficiency Are Among the Key Attributes of Progressive Data Centers - 2For Infomart Data Centers, 2016 was a banner year as they achieved various milestones in operations, innovation and company growth while exceeding their initial expectations. Beyond several existing tenant expansions, Infomart was able to bring on an additional 25 new customers throughout the past year, completing more than $120 million of development across its facilities. Among these investments are the addition of 8 MW of new capacity and 100,000 square-feet of new space in Infomart Portland, new development of 6MW and improvement and re-commissioning of 8MW of capacity in Silicon Valley, and Phase 1 completion of a comprehensive security upgrade at Infomart Dallas.

One of Infomart’s most notable achievements from this past year took place last November when LinkedIn’s data center in Infomart Portland was awarded the Efficient IT (EIT) Stamp of Approval by Uptime Institute for its sustained leadership in IT. This project, which went from concept to commissioning to hosting production IT operations in just one year, included various phases of construction, sourcing of sustainable electricity sources and the installation of a hyper-efficient cooling design. Obtaining several of the highest scores ever awarded for efficiency and sustainable operations, this was the first enterprise colocation partnership to receive the EIT Stamp of Approval. In addition to this achievement, Infomart Portland added 125 staff members to an existing tenant’s IT operations as a result of a 25,000-square-foot office lease.

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