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the zXc solution - zXc blogAs business continues to become more digitalized and reliant on the cloud, access to transport services between data centers has become mission-critical. The irony is that configuring and purchasing interbuilding and interstate network cross-connects, particularly in the New York/New Jersey metro area, can be a time-consuming and arduous process.

To solve this conundrum, ZenFi and Cross River Fiber have partnered to launch zXc (ZenCross Connect), a self-service platform enabling automated purchase and configuration of interbuilding and interstate network cross-connects. Making interconnections simple and easy to procure, by leveraging a robust fiber-optic network, zXc offers a streamlined portal for ordering bandwidth between data centers and colocation facilities in the New York-New Jersey metro area.

ZenFi and Cross River Fiber, via the zXc platform, now provide pre-provisioned, on-demand dark fiber and 1GB / 10GB lit services between 28 major data centers and colocation facilities in and around New York and New Jersey. Using zXc, a customer is guided through a series of simple, online ordering steps through which they identify the route, select products, agree to the terms and conditions and, ultimately, if they so opt, pay the initial invoice all at one website. Configurations can be completed within minutes with point-and-click location features and orders are for month-to-month service, which can be delivered within 15 days.

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