Capacity Growth Driven by the Addition of New Anchor Tenant Requiring a High-Density, Energy-Efficient Facility for Sustainable IT Operations

asrgagaPORTLAND, OREGON – November 03, 2015 – Infomart Data Centers, a national wholesale data center provider, today announces an expansion of its Infomart Portland data center located in Hillsboro, Oregon.  The Company will be adding an additional 16 MW of critical power capacity at its 21515 NW Evergreen Parkway facility, with a substantial portion pre-leased.  Consistent with the Company’s focus on sustainability and green initiatives, Infomart Portland’s new tenants continue to select the facility for its access to clean, low-cost power, industry-leading efficiency, and ability to accommodate densities up to 30 kW/rack.

“We have always thought of Portland as an excellent destination market for IT operations, in that it offers an attractive mix of convenience, accessibility, low operating costs, and reliability.  Our ability to pre-lease the expansion is a credit to our position as a leading provider for customers who share our vision, passion, and commitment to reliability, environmental responsibility, and innovation,” says John Sheputis, President of Infomart Data Centers.  “Once the expansion is complete, with a facility size of 350,000 square feet and 24 MW of critical power, Infomart Portland will be the largest merchant data center in Oregon and one of the largest on the U.S. West Coast.”

Phase I of the Infomart Portland expansion involves a build-out of 4 MW of existing shell space, scheduled for completion in March 2016.  Phase II, which will finalize in mid-summer 2016, will comprise of 12 MW of additional power capacity and construction of a new 100,000-square-foot building, which will be adjacent to the existing data center.

“Recognized for lower power costs, energy efficiency and green building, Portland is an attractive market for companies with high-density capacity requirements and that value data center sustainability,” says Rick Kurtzbein, Research Analyst, Data Centers, for 451 Research.  “Infomart Portland’s 16 MW expansion represents one of the largest expansions of new capacity in the market this year.  Along with its Enterprise Zone status, which offers additional cost savings to customers, the data center’s high density capabilities and lower than average electrical rates resulting from direct power access make it a disruptive facility to watch in the Portland area.”

Infomart Portland is served by Portland General Electric (PGE), one of the most reliable and environmentally respected utilities in the country.  By connecting with the PGE grid, Infomart tenants enjoy the operational benefits of top-tier reliability.  Combining the operating cost advantages with the region’s green generation mix, Infomart expects to continue to see heavy demand for 250 kW+ deployments in the Portland market from high-tech companies that value sustainability and low operating costs.

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