Interviewed by: 

Ilissa Miller, CEO iMiller Public Relations


Gina Haspilaire, Vice President, Managing Director at Pacnet  

Giles Proctor, Vice President, Data Centre Construction & Operations at Pacnet

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Pacnet’s Executives Discuss the Company’s Asia-Pac Data Center and Network Services Strategy

Q: (IM) – Business needs, especially technology, continue to evolve. How does Pacnet meet these demands?

(Giles) –  The key business driver is the increasing adoption of cloud services.  This represents one example of the way we enable cloud infrastructure both through providing services from a base level through our physical network assets, capacity with connectivity through landing stations and data centers located on the network to move traffic throughout the region more effectively. Pacnet’s expanding suite of services enables fast delivery of content, with the capability to rapidly deploy network services to cope with the dynamic and elastic nature of the cloud.

Q: (IM) – Who would best be served by Pacnet and why?

(Gina) – Any company who is looking to reap the benefits of opportunities that exist in Asia-Pacific.  I say this regardless of business segment.  We are in a world today where information and data is critical to any operation, and companies  traditionally that would not require or would have not generated revenue from technology have become focused on technology.  These companies have a need to service a marketplace that is about doing business in a technology-driven marketplace. A perfect example is a software company.  Traditionally, software companies would manufacture, package and shrink wrap its software to be shipped out.  Today, buyers would have to go to a traditional brick and mortar store to buy the software CD’s to physically install.  That same company no longer needs to make physical boxes, their products can be accessible online.  They need infrastructure to make it accessible.  Otherwise, these companies will lose revenue. Networks are a critical part of the future of these businesses.

Q: (IM) – Is there anything else you want our readers to know about Pacnet?

(Gina) – When people think of Pacnet, we want them to think about our capabilities that go well beyond what traditional Asia-Pacific companies deliver.  We do have license capabilities to bring companies beyond  to countries such as India.  We have capabilities to deliver services to Australia.  Furthermore, we have operations in the United States and Europe.  For Pacnet, it is important to have a customer-facing presence and be where our customers are.  While we own a great set of assets, that set of assets is augmented by what is required to deliver a global solution in most cases. 

(Giles)-  We are expanding our data center footprint in China. Our Chongqing, China data center, opened in the second quarter in 2013.  It is a 2,000 rack facility with further capacity to expand.  We have also broke ground on similar projects in Tianjin, China.  Both of these facilities are in partnership with local governments. 

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