The sheer amount of information that companies are collecting in today’s society is exponentially higher than in the past.  According to a McKinsey Global Institute report, the use of ‘Big Data’ will become crucial to remaining competitive, and has the potential to increase a businesses operating margin by over 60 percent.  Maintaining and continuing big data programs is important to gaining a competitive edge.  For this reason, today’s industry leaders are constantly seeking proven ways to protect this critical data and keep their companies up and running in the event of interruptions of any kind, including power failures, viruses, system failures, and more commonly, natural disasters.  With 2013 predictions forecasting above average hurricane activity, it is even more important for companies to develop business continuity plans and begin evaluating disaster recovery solutions.  Many are turning to colocation data centers such as Lam Cloud Management, which offer data center and business continuity solutions as well as years of proven industry experience.

Reliable, Scalable Infrastructure

When evaluating data centers, companies should seek one that is spacious enough for all of their data storage needs. The facilityshould offer a comprehensive portfolio of data center solutions, including cloud and business continuity services such as Software as a Service (SaaS), hosting, managed services, secure backup and archiving plans, server and desktop virtualization, workplace recovery, and disaster recovery.  Each facility should also be properly equipped with back-up generators and reliable power sources, state-of-the-art cooling and fire suppression equipment, multi-tier security parameters, and other resources to support companies’ business continuity plans. 

Efficient Workplace Recovery

In the event of a natural disaster, the ability to quickly relocate their business operations and team members to a facility complete with ample workplace recovery resources could mean the difference between a quick recovery and continued operations, and potential losses in both revenue and reputation.  With dedicated suites and thousands of single occupancy or shared seats, facilities like Lam Cloud offer their customers an ideal alternate workplace and access to their mission-critical data in a matter of minutes.

The Human Data Center

While reliable infrastructure and efficient data access are two important pieces of an effective workplace recovery solution, a third, and usually most overlooked, is the human element.  The stress of workplace relocation can take its toll on employees, leaving them stressed and confused.  Keeping staff members happy and comfortable is key to maintaining productivity as well as a successful business continuity plan.  For this reason, data centers can offer value-added amenities and features for their customers’ employees.  Lam Cloud Management’s Cranbury data center, for example, features a fully-functioning technology campus, complete with a conference and trade show center, as well as a tech lounge, meeting and seminar rooms, fitness center and locker rooms, café, and more.