The need for technology companies to create a plan for sustainable energy usage is critical for not just our futures, but now for businesses themselves. A clean energy goal used to be an afterthought in building a data center. Now, it is the bare minimum. Every interested party, from the government, to clients, and the public, watch carefully as this energy-intensive industry pushes for sustainable changes. Iceotope Technologies, a liquid cooling solution provider for edge and data center operators, is debuting a new, clean, and energy-saving technology for edge data centers at HPE Discover 2022: Ku:l Data Center.

Ku:l Data Center, a cooperative project with Iceotope, Intel, and HPE, is a liquid cooling solution which will be implemented in data centers to not only help them on their way to building a sustainable business model, but bolster their efforts immediately. When compared to industry-standard air cooling technology, Iceotope’s newest solution not only lowers operational costs but increases performance, all the while bolstering energy efficiency, scaling from five percent in IT only to 30 percent energy savings when fully integrated. Such drastic improvement allows edge customers and data center operators to meet their lofty net-zero goals. Iceotope has a history of success in energy-efficient technologies, with Ku:I Data Center the newest and most innovative solution yet.

Iceotope will preview the Ku:l Data Center liquid cooling technology at Intel’s booth this week, between June 28th and 30th, during HPE Discover 2022, a major industry conference for edge and cloud computing professionals. With liquid cooling quickly becoming the preferred technology for edge and data center operators, Iceotope’s solution can drive customers ahead of their competitors and continue maneuvering them towards a sustainable future.

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