Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Sarah Rubenoff.

Data centers are becoming more complex, and this is making white space management even harder for data center managers. A new white paper from Chatsworth Products (CPI) explores the key elements of a successful data center cabinet ecosystem and how to create your own.

According to the report, integrating the data center cabinet with hardware and software into a single platform can help data center managers “truly gain visibility and understanding of the different dynamics within the data center to make informed decisions.”

The white paper walks the reader through each element of the data center cabinet ecosystem, starting with structure. When considering an equipment cabinet, CPI contends there are two main considerations: cabinet footprint and cabinet load bearing capacity. Beyond these measures, there are a variety of additional considerations to take into account for specific needs, such as sites that are in seismic zones.

Next up, how do you organize your data center cabinet?

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