Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Sarah Rubenoff.

Storage growth isn’t slowing down, and this is pushing demand for file storage capacity. As a result, enterprise file management is top of mind for many data centers and businesses. And new storage technologies are bringing storage tiering to the forefront of the market.

A recent report from Cloudian compares the total cost of ownership of traditional NAS to the TCO of traditional NAS augmented by file tiering with Cloudian object storage.

Bottom line: There has been an explosion in data. And it’s not slowing down. The report cites predictions from IDC that show data will grow to a projected 44 ZB in 2020. And new types of content have emerged in recent years, as well. Unstructured data is prevalent, which can be harder to manage and store. The report explores other examples, as well, including media archives, engineering files, bioinformatics, web content storage and more.

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