As the use of VoIP grows in popularity among global enterprises, providers looking to maintain relevance throughout this expanding market must take steps to ensure they are able to deliver the high-quality services many businesses have come to expect. As a global leader in offering retail and wholesale VoIP termination services, BridgeVoice knows a thing or two about call quality assurance, utilizing our experience to the benefit of operators and carriers around the world. We believe that ensuring superior voice services is comprised of three elements – termination, routing and monitoring – each of which must be carefully and expertly executed to deliver superior call quality.

Below, you will discover three vital tips to making sure your call quality is top-notch in order to attract and retain VoIP customers.

1. Reduce the Distance Between Operators and Subscribers

A major concern of wholesale VoIP providers is having too many carriers through which a call will travel before terminating. Extensive distance and multiple hops cause call quality to quickly deteriorate while simultaneously distributing the margin among various operators. By reducing the distance between operators and subscribers, calls can take place with fewer hops, minimizing the degradation of call clarity.

2. Maximize Network Redundancy

Arguably the most obvious yet overlooked step to ensuring high-quality voice services is a fully-redundant network. By maximizing the redundancy of their VoIP network, providers can ensure total reliability for customers, guaranteeing their ability to connect anywhere, at any time, without the threat of dropped or interrupted calls due to network connectivity failure.

3. Continual Network Monitorization and Maintenance

To ensure your network is fully operational and up-to-date, continual monitoring and routine maintenance are critical. No network is perfect, so monitoring, analyzing and mitigating issues in real time is paramount to delivering high-quality voice services. In addition, as technology rapidly evolves throughout this emerging market segment, continual maintenance and upgrades ensure that you are only using the latest and greatest to provide customers with superior services.

Each of these tasks can be achieved by partnering with an advanced wholesale voice termination services provider such as BridgeVoice to design and deploy an appropriate solution to suit your unique business model. BridgeVoice serves as a portal for Wholesale telecom carriers, operators and providers, interconnecting more than 110 operators across the globe. Our business is characterized by simplicity and quality, providing a consistent, stable, interoperable, reliable and secure working environment for customers, with a unique Operator Portal designed to make buying and selling voice and SMS services fast and easy.

In addition, our new online platform, BridgeVoice Pluto, assists users in the trading and settlement of wholesale interconnect voice and SMS services with efficient network management, maximized network redundancy and quality-based routing mechanisms with competitive pricing. As a “one-stop-shop” platform, BridgeVoice Pluto provides carriers with the ability to access a wide range of alternative network providers to meet capacity demands which high-quality service assurance.

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