Sunil Frida, global marketing executive with Commscope (, says:

The world is moving toward an all IP delivery of video and it will be here before you know it.

That means the evolution of edge QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation) devices to CCAP is very straightforward, and as the world moves toward an all IP scenario, multiple moving parts are created between legacy products and future solutions. Those parts include the upstream and downstream video network, security, management and configuration and scalability of bandwidth.

It is only a matter of time before MSOs begin to deploy more edge QAM solutions, bridging the gap toward CCAP compliance. The standardization of these moving parts began with Comcast and Time Warner, and was adopted as a standard by CableLabs®.

CCAP stands for Converged Cable Access Platform equipment and has the potential to redefine how operators deploy, scale and manage edge network access. Currently, video QAM and CMTS (cable modem termination system) infrastructures are deployed across separate platforms and edge capacity is managed manually and configured mechanically. With CCAP, controlling new video, voice and data services is more efficient since QAM channels are added in minutes instead of weeks. CCAP integrates the functions of broadcast and narrowcast QAMs, as well as DOCSIS® 3.0 downstream and upstream interfaces with the additional support of PON.

The goal of CCAP is for MSOs to move toward a super dense, power and space saving architecture that combines QAM and the CMTS functions, and puts cable on a path toward a complete IP-based video platform. With higher density, power and space savings found in our current LxS platform, our next generation LxS-16016 wideband edge QAM solution is quickly moving MSOs toward CCAP compliance.

The blending of the video and data portions of the edge QAM’s architecture helps create an access platform that is fully ready for IP video over the coming years. At CommScope we are excited to be once again at the front of the pack in the innovation race for CCAP.