Calling all who work in an Agile IT department, depend on IT in your everyday life, or are simply a superstar IT person yourself, please raise your glass! We dedicate a toast to you in the form of a unique Twitter contest, the “Agile IT Deserves a Beer” Haiku Contest.

This contest is a way to say thanks for all the great work IT departments deliver to successful businesses each and everyday.  Through a simple Twitter contest, IT can not only give itself a shout out, but it can win Beer for an Entire Year (and who doesn’t want that?).

Introducing the IT Agility Deserves a Beer Haiku Twitter contest, a social media competition providing an opportunity for anyone on Twitter to share a Haiku expressing thanks for IT. A panel of judges will select winners based on creativity, humor and relevance. Winners will be announced on Twitter on September 24th.

To be a part of the contest, write and submit a Haiku (17 syllables total with three lines of 5-7-5 syllables) on how one would like to toast Agile IT. Each line of the Haiku should be separated by a period, comma or slash. All entries must be submitted via Twitter to @Serena_Software (, and include the hash tag #GiveITaBeer. The grand prize for this contest is Beer for a Year.

IT agility allows a business to enhance its online systems faster than the competition. Whether you work in an IT department that allows your enterprise to be agile, depend on IT to help you outperform the competition, or just want to say thanks to your overworked IT person, now is your chance! It is time to raise your glass and give IT agility a toast. Tap into your creative side and tell us via Haiku how IT agility has helped make your life better or your company more competitive.

For official rules and prizes, please visit:

Here are a few examples:

@Serena_Software Cheers IT Agility/Iterate, collaborate/ Now lets grab a beer #GiveITaBeer

@Serena_Software Agile makes dev fast/What to do with all that time/ Time to drink a beer #GiveITaBeer

@Serena_Software Saved time, saved money/Continuous deployment/ High fives, beers around #GiveITaBeer

TGIF is/Now #GiveITaBeer/Just don’t tell my boss @Serena_Software