Subsea networks are the backbone of connectivity and provide international interconnectivity solutions, further fueling data center growth around the world, which is why Global Cloud Xchange (GCX), a network service provider powering global connectivity for new media providers, telecom carriers and enterprises, and Tampnet Carrier, a unique high-speed network operator in the Nordic sector responsible for over 30% of the traffic between Norway, the UK and Europe, are partnering to support the increased network demands stemming from the burgeoning data center market in the Nordics.

This partnership offers a simplified way to expand reach across each company’s network footprint. GCX customers will now have access to enhanced route diversity and new network routes throughout the Nordics utilizing Tampnet’s unique and diverse footprint. Tampnet’s customers, in turn, will gain access to GCX’s global network which consists of 66,000km of cables spanning 46 countries from North America to Asia, with subsea and terrestrial route diversity and redundancy throughout Europe-Asia and Intra-Asia routes.

Both GCX and Tampnet are fostering a globally accessible ecosystem that further leverages each company’s subsea network assets, allowing customers to design, manage and connect their networks – seamlessly – throughout the world.

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