Data Center POST interview with Gerardo Donis, Senior Product Manager, Frontier Communications

By Contributing Editor Anne Whealdon

Gerardo Donis is Senior Product Manager at Frontier Communications, a leading provider of internet, TV, and phone services to business and residential customers. Gerardo leverages thorough experience in telecommunications, including developing data centers and networks and delivering products, services, and tools for worldwide deployment, to lead matrixed teams and build strong relationships with third-party partners and suppliers to deliver end-to-end solutions. His key expertise includes systems engineering, network planning, emerging markets development, marketing, and product management.

In the lead up to The 2019 INCOMPAS Show, taking place on November 4-6 in Louisville, Kentucky, Data Center POST caught up with Gerardo to discuss the future of data centers and networking.

Data Center POST, Anne Whealdon (DCP-AW) Question: What trends are you seeing in the data center space?

Frontier Communications, Gerardo Donis (FC-GD) Answer: One notable trend that’s prevalent in the data center sphere is expansion. New applications will drive the decentralization, enabling the Edge.

DCP-AW Q: What trends are you seeing in the networking space?

FC-GD A: Right now, we’re seeing the need for higher bandwidth networks, new locations to expand and new support requests.

DCP-AW Q: What opportunities do you see available in the market for the development and enablement of global communications infrastructure?

FC-GD A: Migration to the edge cloud is currently presenting a huge opportunity for the market, including new applications, platforms and verticals.

DCP-AW Q: In your opinion, what is the most important consideration buyers should have when choosing a service provider, and why?

FC-GD A: The most important consideration is ensuring that the service providers can deliver reliable network and infrastructure in the right location.

DCP-AW Q: How does Frontier Communications adapt to the changes in the communications infrastructure industry?

FC-GD A: Our company is constantly investing to meet customers’ demands. For instance, Frontier Edge Cloud helps businesses take their cloud-based services to the bleeding edge by bringing servers, storage, and our network closer to end-users than they’ve ever been — and far closer than the remote, centralized data centers of years past. With 3,000+ centers ready to shorten the distance between workloads and users, Frontier is ready to revolutionize the cloud.

DCP-AW Q: What new initiatives should our readers be on the look out for from Frontier Communications?

FC-GD A: Frontier is working to understand your applications and demands so users can get what they need in the right place.

DCP-AW Q: If companies want to work with you, what are the ways to do so?

FC-GD A: There are multiple ways to work with us, and we always start with understanding the customer’s requirements.

DCP-AW Q: Thanks so much for your time, Gerardo. To learn more about Frontier Communications, please visit To register for this year’s INCOMPAS Show and learn why it’s the best place for competitive communications professionals to expand their networks and strengthen relationships, please click here.