DE-CIX, the world’s leading Internet Exchange (IX) operator with the largest IX in the NY metro area, recently announced that its Dallas exchange, DE-CIX Dallas, now stands as one of the top 20 IXs across the U.S. based on the number of networks connected as indicated on PeeringDB. Now offering connectivity to 70 networks, DE-CIX Dallas is the largest Open-IX certified and first data center-neutral Internet Exchange in Dallas.

“We are thrilled that our Dallas exchange has reached the echelon of being among the top 20 IXs in the U.S. in under three years from its initial launch,” comments Ed d’Agostino, Vice President and General Manager, DE-CIX North America. “This growth, combined with the fact that the New York IX is also among the nation’s top five, serves as a testament to the success of our neutral approach and our model’s ability to seamlessly serve and support a market’s requirements. We’re proud to be empowering the Dallas area and its surrounding region with improved network performance, and we will continue to deliver on our promise of bringing top-tier solutions to a growing number of providers.”

Networks with a presence in the surrounding Dallas market can access the IX through a variety of data center providers. This includes Cologix, CyrusOne, DataBank, Digital Realty, Equinix, Flexential, QTS and zColo. DE-CIX Dallas also empowers networks without a point of presence in Dallas to connect to the exchange with a transport connection, ensuring that it not only serves the local market with its strong data center reach, but the entire region as well. As a neutral exchange, the Dallas IX does not require local colocation, and subsequently, networks located in neighboring states and throughout Texas, including Mexican networks in South Texas data centers, can take transport connections to reach the DE-CIX location.

The company has also developed arrangements with a number of partners to help eliminate cross-connect fees for companies leveraging transport connections. This includes Consolidated Communications, PacketFabric, Telia, Unite Private Networks, and DE-CIX partner/reseller Telxius. DE-CIX remains dedicated to reducing overall costs for networks across a range of industry verticals that utilize the Dallas IX.

Additionally, DE-CIX North America operates DE-CIX New York. As the region’s largest neutral IX and one of the U.S.’s top five exchanges, the company’s New York location features access to more than 200 networks with one single connection.

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