At the beginning of June 2021, Gigabit Communications, LLC. (Gigabit) was looking to optimize their global connectivity, particularly to improve Internet performance for the company’s Resident and Business customers throughout the Harlingen and San Antonio metro regions including South Padre Island and Port Isabel. Realizing that peering is a cost-effective and efficient way to improve network performance, Gigabit sought to learn more about DE-CIX Dallas. As a result, the company established a Layer 2 Network to Network Interface (NNI) connection DE-CIX Dallas, interconnecting Gigabit’s network, for seamless access to the largest neutral IX operating in the market. Data Center POST reached out to Alex Ochoa, Chief Executive Officer at Gigabit to learn more. Read our interview with Alex and learn more below.

DCP-Question: Tell us about your relationship with DE-CIX and their platform capabilities for your facilities in Chicago, Dallas, New York and Richmond (if only one market applies, please describe the relationship for that market, if the relationship is across multiple markets, that would be helpful to explain too).

Alex Ochoa (AO) – Answer: Working with DE-CIX locally in Dallas as well as the ability to expand Nationally has been a game changer for us. On top of our statewide 100G MPLS carrier backbone + DE-CIX ability to provide the best in peering content, we have grown as a Service Provider and as a doorway for Fortune 500 companies to peer with top CDN providers. DE-CIX connectivity for our customers has taken Peering to the next level.

DCP: How does your partnership/relationship with DE-CIX enhance connectivity for customer networks? Can you provide an example?

AO – Answer: One of the challenges is being able to deliver peering connectivity to enterprises outside of the Dallas market. Gigabit’s partnership with DE-CIX allows us to provide our Central/South Texas customers with carrier class peering that does not exist today. By leveraging Gigabit carrier class backbone, and DE-CIX connectivity options, enterprises will now have the opportunity to enhance their networks by having access to the nations top internet exchange.

DCP: What makes your company’s relationship with DE-CIX unique, and how are you planning on integrating their multi-service platform capabilities into your service offerings?

AO – Answer: With Infrastructure spanning across Texas and beyond, we have the ability to reach multiple markets, which in turn means DE-CIX has that same ability as well.  Our partnership has allowed us to offer direct connectivity over DIA services as well as P2P services enabling our customers to take secure and private circuits to their most desired Cloud Providers.  Our offerings of connectivity will be made available to any customer on our Network, whether you are an Auto Manufacturer, Health Care Provider or a Datacenter. 

DCP: What do you see as the future of interconnection? What are your company’s interconnection goals moving forward?

AO – Answer: We believe interconnection will continue to rise as customers are starting to realize it’s not just about having an Internet pipe, it’s the quality of the connection that makes the difference. Lower latency, higher reliability, and better performance are just a few reasons why interconnections are so important. Our goal is to be able to provide our customers with this peering opportunity to not only lower their costs, but to enhance overall network performance where it’s needed most.

DCP: What else would you like for our readers to know that you haven’t already shared about your company?

AO- Answer: Gigabit Communications has built a robust and advanced network throughout Texas. With footprints in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and the Rio Grande Valley, Gigabit offers statewide connectivity to keep you connected. With a 99.99% uptime SLA and partnering up with DE-CIX, customers now have a better way to get connected.

It was a pleasure to hear from Alex and learn more about Gigabit and their Internet Services and Peering capabilities. Readers interested to learn more about the company can visit

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