In May 2021, DartPoints selected DE-CIX’s global leading multi-service interconnection platform for deployment in Tier II and Tier III markets. With the initial deployments underway in DartPoints’ Eastern Iowa and Dublin, OH facilities, the fully managed IXs offer increased capabilities across a growing number of traditionally underserved edge markets. DE-CIX will manage the local deployments including operations of switches, order processing, and ongoing network management for local market connectivity. DartPoints’ locally deployed IXs will be standalone interconnection points that will provide immediate access to local peering, core content and application providers, with regional and global access through a single port. Data Center POST reached out to Huge Carspecken, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at DartPoints to learn more. Read our interview and learn more below.

DCP-Question: Tell us about your relationship with DE-CIX and their platform capabilities for your facilities in Chicago, Dallas, New York and Richmond (if only one market applies, please describe the relationship for that market, if the relationship is across multiple markets, that would be helpful to explain too).

Hugh Carspecken (HC) -Answer: DartPoints is using DE-CIX IX-as-a-Service across our portfolio, leveraging all of DE-CIX North American markets [Chicago, Dallas, New York, Richmond.]

DCP: How does your partnership/relationship with DE-CIX enhance connectivity for customer networks? Can you provide an example?

HC-Answer: The DE-CIX IX-as-a-Service Platform allows our customers local peering in remote markets, while also providing them connectivity to more robust IX markets, such as Dallas or New York. We are deploying one of our first in Fargo, providing local peering in Fargo, but also backhauling to DE-CIX Chicago for enhanced services.

DCP: What makes your company’s relationship with DE-CIX unique, and how are you planning on integrating their multi-service platform capabilities into your service offerings?

HC-Answer: We view DE-CIX as a strategic partner, supporting our IX platform. This IX-as-a-Service is integral to our customers’ interconnection success in our edge data centers.

DCP: What do you see as the future of interconnection? What are your company’s interconnection goals moving forward?

HC-Answer: DartPoints wants to push interconnection all the way into Tier 3 and Tier 4 markets, providing content providers a carrier-class environment into which to land and be accessed by local users.

DCP: What else would you like for our readers to know that you haven’t already shared about your company?

HC-Answer: Many companies talk about backhauling interconnection services. DartPoints and DE-CIX are actually building the interconnection platform of the future by making the centralized interconnection more distributed, enabling new and enhanced connectivity.

It was a pleasure to hear from Hugh and learn more about DartPoints and their edge interconnection and Internet Exchanges (IXs). Readers interested to learn more about the company can visit

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