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fifteenfortyseven Critical Systems Realty (1547) is a leading developer, operator and owner of highly interconnected, custom-designed data centers in North America and Europe. The company continues to strengthen its partnership with Arelion, operator of the #1 ranked global Internet backbone. Arelion has upgraded its multi-terabit scale Point-of-Presence (PoP) at 1547’s Pittock Block data center in Portland, enhancing a key interconnection point to serve businesses, education and research networks and end users in the state of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. The new regional transmission network leverages the global operator’s core backbone and established ecosystem to connect more Tier 2 markets and respond to the customer demand for high-capacity bandwidth and diverse service options in the region.

This partnership provides 1547 with 400G capable connectivity, global 40G Ethernet VC enablement and scalable access to major security, content and cloud providers, including AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Oracle and IBM Cloud. The new PoP will serve Portland regionally while supporting diversity from Arelion’s Hillsboro PoPs, connecting into multiple hyperscale data centers in Hillsboro. The partnership combines Arelion’s global footprint with 1547’s proven track record of high-capacity data center management through mission-critical infrastructure. Arelion also recently launched a new PoP at 1547’s data center in Orangeburg, NY, providing high-speed, diverse, global connectivity to financial sector companies.

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