The 2022 BICSI ICT Woman of the Year Award was recently awarded to Carrie Goetz, CTO of StrategITcom and Amazon best-selling author. This award is an opportunity for the information and communications technology (ICT) community to recognize one of their own for their commitment to mission-critical data center operations and its development and mentorship of women across the ICT sector.

Carrie’s exceptional work as an international keynote speaker, author and global experience that spans 40 years in the design, operations, and audit of data centers, IT departments, and intelligent buildings made her the ideal candidate. Winners of this award must be BICSI members who have participated in their events and offered volunteer services or is a credential holder, all three criteria Goetz has achieved.

“I am truly thrilled, humbled and thankful for this honor. I am genuinely touched and grateful to have this award presented by some amazing women in the industry,” said Goetz. “I am looking forward to continuing to work alongside BICSI to help propel the advancement and awareness of the information and communication technology profession.”

On top of her work alongside BICSI, Goetz is best selling author of Jumpstart Your Career in Data Centers Featuring Careers for Women, Trades, and Vets in Tech and Data Centers, a book that answers the questions including who, what, where, when, why, and how of data centers in an easily digestible format and allows the public to catch a glimpse of an otherwise foreign and hidden industry through her expertise. 

Accompanying this book is a podcast, Careers for Women, Trades and Veterans in Tech, which addresses a variety of careers in the industry as told by industry icons, as well as the need to address diversity and inclusion in STEM, and the opportunities for women, trades and veterans in this industry coupled with resources to help along the way.

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