An always-on environment and high levels of accessibility are key for offering great end user experiences, regardless of the business vertical or service capability. Government has been no exception to the rise of online applications, and many local governments and municipalities are shifting their administrative capabilities and resident interfaces online for an enhanced experience. Still, the success of these digital services depends on having a robust network in place to support them.

FiberLight’s recent case study explores the role of fiber (specifically dark fiber) and data center connectivity in this online government ecosystem, detailing the story of its collaboration with the City of Roswell, Georgia, to outline how these services can be delivered with exceptional results. 

Roswell, a suburb of Atlanta and the state’s eighth-largest city, delivers a range of mission-critical municipal and administrative services to residents digitally. These services cover crime reporting abilities, emergency response and public safety applications, parks and recreation needs, mobile utility billing and beyond. As residents’ adoption of this online framework grew, the city experienced network demands that soon required expanded fiber infrastructure that could continue to deliver real-time and truly always-on user access. Not to mention, the network required redundancy, failover capabilities and the ability to backup this important data from city departments at multiple data centers for added protection. 

To meet these evolving needs for capacity, availability and reliability and provision a future-proofed solution that could grow with Roswell’s needs, FiberLight, with help from SereneIT, a next-generation engineering IT firm, established a 400GB bandwidth connection to a highly secure and geographically advantageous Ascent, LLC data center facility.

The result is that Roswell can enjoy operational autonomy and enhanced efficiency and control, as well as high levels of scalability and security. This dark fiber infrastructure, by enabling high-capacity connectivity to a secure and scalable data center environment, supports the ever-important always-on environment for Roswell and its residents. Furthermore, with this solution deployed on a short timeline, added control, reliability, agility and security could be leveraged quickly for an all-around improved community service experience with room for long-term expansion.

“We know that dealing with fiber and putting together a circuit takes time and planning, and we were really appreciative of FiberLight understanding our urgency on this need, valuing us as a customer and taking the time to really work with us and make it happen,” stated Maurice Pryce, IT Director for the City of Roswell. “The partnership between Roswell, SereneIT, Ascent and FiberLight worked because it was built on FiberLight’s understanding of our trajectory and allowed us to have space to grow in Ascent’s environment with SereneIT’s insight. It’s easy for us to implement with FiberLight, and it has been a great experience with everybody involved.”

FiberLight leverages 20 years of dedicated expertise to design, build, maintain and operate large-scale, custom high-capacity fiber infrastructure. The company’s dark fiber solutions offer comprehensive operational control, security and scalability to enhance business operations and deliver crucial peace of mind for network and data center providers, large enterprises across the U.S. and up-the-stack partners who are evolving their capabilities.

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