Digital Transformation is Driving Requirements at the Edge

Digital transformation is accelerating and impacting the way we live and work. More and more businesses, services, and products are going digital, and we are seeing an exponential rise in IoT, AI, gaming, and other applications that are dependent on low latency. This has generated a huge demand for expanded network connectivity and, specifically, for next-level connectivity at the Edge, close to where all the devices and end users exist. 

In New York City, there is no better Edge location than 60 Hudson Street – one of the most well-connected buildings in the world. Enabling networks for the future requires a distinct and unrelenting focus on performance, reliability, and speed, and this renowned carrier hotel is strategically situated and equipped to handle and scale Edge requirements.

Edge, Hybrid and Seamless Deployments

As businesses move applications to the Edge, however, they are faced with the challenge of seamlessly deploying Edge applications along with other elements of their overall IT infrastructure. Companies today are increasingly opting for a hybrid approach as a means of driving high performance and cost efficiencies. In fact, Gartner has stated that 90 percent of organizations will adopt hybrid strategies by 2020. By combining traditional IT with private and public clouds, companies can customize processes and gain greater control over network-enabled applications while enhancing accessibility and allowing computing resources to extend to the edge of the network.

Yet, there is no “one size fits all” approach to going the hybrid route. There are many infrastructure options available, and to be effective, a successful deployment needs to holistically address all of a company’s requirements. It can be difficult for businesses to single-handedly cut through the complexity to find an optimal approach that meets both current and evolving needs. 

The Growing Role of Managed Services

As a result, higher-level managed support is starting to take center stage as a key infrastructure and network enabler. Allying with a knowledgeable and reliable managed service provider can help businesses realize a range of benefits, including reduced operational costs with subscription-style service models, improved vendor management, and better scalability through the facilitation and the reduction of logistical hurdles associated with deploying and operating infrastructure. All in all, the ability to outsource some of the responsibility of developing and maintaining infrastructure and next-gen networks empowers companies to refocus attention on core business while still evolving to stay ahead of the curve.

While the popularity of managed services is growing, an interesting phenomenon is emerging in the industry. In an attempt to attract customers by selling services up the stack, large colocation players are acquiring providers that specialize in managed services. Yet in many cases, these services suffer or dissolve after a short period of time, as the offerings are not an integral part of the provider’s mission. As a result, it’s becoming very clear that an unadulterated core competency in managed services simply cannot be beat. 

A Winning Partnership

This is exactly why the 60 Hudson Street partnership between DataGryd, a leading data center provider in New York City, and NYI, a leading global provider of managed hybrid IT solutions, was created. By maintaining a deep respect and commitment to each individual competency, DataGryd and NYI work seamlessly in support of a smooth and pain-free infrastructure deployment and maintenance solution for every customer with limitless, flexible, and scalable connectivity.

With this partnership in place, clients at DataGryd’s iconic 60 Hudson Street carrier hotel can garner the benefits of the high-performance connectivity capabilities of DataGryd’s MegaSuite 6, as well as the high-touch managed services and support offered through NYI. By combining forces, DataGryd and NYI help clients keep pace with a fast-changing digital landscape. 

For the growing number of businesses seeking unparalleled infrastructure, enhanced connectivity, and comprehensive managed hybrid IT solutions to support their growth trajectories, sourcing these services from the experts is key. Together, DataGryd and NYI deliver unparalleled expertise to thoroughly and easily address any combination of infrastructure, network connectivity, colocation, cloud, consulting, and managed service requirements.

For more information about the story of this partnership and the benefits it offers, click here to listen to a special episode of DataGryd’s Interconnect Hub Podcast.