By Contributing Editor, Kathy Xu

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 10.44.18 AMData Center POST recently sat down with United Cable Company’s Founder and Global Head of Asset and Capacity Sales, Eric Gutshall, to discuss company differentiators and future goals. United Cable Company specializes in telecommunications consulting services and solutions for high-bandwidth network operators including carriers and SMBs.

Q and A with Data Center Post’s contributing editor, Kathy Xu

Data Center POST, Kathy Xu (DCP-KX) Question: Who is United Cable Company and what do you hope to achieve?

UNITED CABLE COMPANY, Eric Gutshall (UNITED CABLE COMPANY- EG) Answer: United Cable Company (UCC) continues to achieve success by exclusively representing a growing list of subsea and terrestrial assets for dark fiber and lit capacity. Our retained clients and cables circle the globe with access spanning to and from South America, North America, Europe and Asia. Our goal is to engage and collaborate with the world’s leading telecom professionals to better prepare existing fiber systems and network technologies for growing capacity demands, particularly for pre- and post-sale assets.

(DCP-KX) Q: How is UCC changing the way it delivers solutions to the market, and why is this important?

(UNITED CABLE COMPANY-EG) A: A couple of things make UCC unique. We represent the world’s most distinctive submarine and terrestrial cable assets as our tagline, “Links with Distinction,” suggests, and seek exclusive and unique routes to complement this dark and lit capacity with data center and cloud infrastructure design. In addition, we are attracting plenty of attention in the subsea market by representing multiple, global routes as a “one-stop shop” for companies interested in international or regional capacity. To achieve this, we offer sales, marketing and engineering support to ultimately position cable assets directly into the global marketplace.  

DCP-KX) Q: Where does UCC offer services today and is there a road map for beyond?

(UNITED CABLE COMPANY-EG) A: UCC is truly global. We are the affiliate company of the well-established David Ross Group (DRG). DRG has specialized in planning, engineering, managing construction consultation, operating and commercializing undersea fiber optic telecommunication infrastructures worldwide for nearly two decades. UCC acts as DRG’s network commercialization arm and is responsible for forming a strategy, pre-sales engineering, and ultimately marketing and selling its subsea assets and capacity. Looking forward, we will continue to respond to the growth in the subsea cable industry and apply our combined UCC and DRG expertise to serve our customers.

DCP-KX) Q: What was a key takeaway you experienced from ITW 2016?

(UNITED CABLE COMPANY-EG) A: ITW provided for us the opportunity to meet with many web-centric and telecom companies who have an expressed interest in subsea builds. We were not surprised when a few weeks after the tradeshow, Facebook and Microsoft announced their plans to lay a 6,600 kilometer cable across the middle of the Atlantic, providing up to 160 megabits per second of bandwidth. The announcement is congruent with today’s spike in subsea build completion by telecom providers and web-centric companies alike. We are well-positioned to address the need for new builds to support growing data, and have recognized increasing interest from large-bandwidth networks including content players, wholesale global carriers, financial companies and others that require new routes, high capacity, security and speed.

(DCP-KX) Q: Is there anything else you would like to add?

(UNITED CABLE COMPANY-EG) A: At UCC, we are disrupting the way people buy and sell capacity, offering multiple subsea cable assets paired with non-traditional terrestrial backhaul instead of just common carrier conduit links into carrier hotels. We enhance the customer experience by connecting the right buyers with the people behind the networks, effectively removing the red tape. This cuts down on expenses, sales cycle, time to market, salary overhead and overall “big company” bureaucracy. It’s a new type of business where we are not letting traditional sales cycles and the usual “go to market” routes determine the networks of the future. Unlike other sales-driven organizations who represent only a few assets, we are addressing our customers technical, pre-sales engineering and backhaul needs, which is a whole new approach to the marketplace.

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