Telescent, a leading manufacturer of automated fiber optic cross-connects for data centers, is bringing even more network diagnostic solutions to its customers through its recently announced partnership with EXFO, the communications industry’s test, monitoring and analytics experts. Telescent is adding EXFO diagnostic capabilities to its Gen 4 Network Topology Manager (G4 NTM), an automated interconnect system that provides accurate and proactive monitoring of network infrastructure leveraging a remote-controlled, reconfigurable fiber optic patch-panel. 

By utilizing EXFO’s market-leading technology, Telescent’s robotic patch panel system is able address the requirements for automating fiber management, while EXFO’s remote fiber testing system adds visibility of reconfigured optical circuits — closing the network automation loop and making diagnostics and proactive management easier than ever before. 

Through this collaboration, network and data center operators will gain access to future-proof capabilities, as demonstrated by Telescent’s recent announcements with MOX Networks in November 2022 and Quantum Loophole in October 2022. Telescent offers game-changing network upgrade solutions through its software-defined network (SND) technology, revolutionizing the way companies operate their network infrastructure. Additionally, Telescent’s network topology management system allows data center operators to automate physical network configurations, providing a streamlined and efficient solution, saving time and money. 

Learn more about Telescent and EXFO’s partnership by clicking here.