Internet infrastructure remains the bedrock for global connectivity. The recent announcement of Milan Internet Exchange (MIX) renewing its OIX-1 certification underscores a commitment to engineering excellence and operational transparency, setting the bar high for interconnection services.

The OIX Association (OIX), a non-profit industry association and Accredited Standards Developer (ASD) of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), has been at the forefront of setting benchmarks for interconnection infrastructure. With three ANSI-compliant standards for Internet Exchange Points (IXPs), data centers, and edge data centers, OIX has established itself as a leader in promoting open and accessible digital infrastructure.

MIX, Italy’s leading internet exchange point, has been a long-standing advocate for adherence to rigorous standards. By renewing its OIX-1 certification, MIX reaffirms its dedication to providing customers with enhanced network performance, increased data flow control, and reduced latency and IP-Transit costs. This certification represents not only engineering excellence but also a commitment to operational transparency, ensuring reliability for extensive cloud and content networks.

Eli D. Scher, OIX Vice Chairman of the board, emphasized the significance of MIX’s certification, stating, “MIX embodies the organization’s ideals by promoting open and accessible digital infrastructure with high-quality engineering. It plays a crucial role in Italy’s internet services market, demonstrating the importance of consistent standards and openness in building internet infrastructure.”

For MIX, adherence to the strictest standards is a top priority. Mauro Magrassi, Chief Technical Officer of MIX, highlighted the importance of certification in offering members the best overall IXP interconnection service. “We truly believe that developing independent, community-driven, interconnection-oriented certification paths is one of the best ways to develop the industry and face ever-growing challenges and members’ expectations,” Magrassi commented.

OIX-1 Certification, as the first-ever global certification for Internet Exchange Points, establishes a benchmark for service and engineering. Developed through broad consensus among top-tier IXP managers, engineers, and their customers, OIX-1 status signifies an IXP’s compliance to standards that ensure extensive interconnection, optimal performance, unparalleled resilience, and unmatched data security.

Certifications like OIX-1 provide assurance and confidence in the underlying digital infrastructure space. MIX’s renewal of its OIX-1 certification not only reflects its commitment to excellence but also sets a standard for the industry to follow, driving innovation and reliability in internet infrastructure worldwide.

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