Jeremy Swanner, Executive Vice President, RLE Technologies, says:

In an industry where just seconds of downtime represent enormous bottom line implications, leak detection and monitoring are crucial elements to consider in a highly sensitive facility. An expert in leak detection, RLE Technologies explains what to consider. Leading provider of water leak detection systems and web-based monitoring solutions for mission critical facilities, RLE’s list names the top five threats for leaks in a mission critical facility and how to solve these issues, determined by its experts in leak detection and experience in data centers across the nation.

These five areas of focus are the most frequent points of failure from a fluid intrusion perspective:

  1. Faulty Mechanical Equipment: Uncapped sprinkler lines, leaky storage tanks, improperly monitored A/C units, leaking water filter units.
  2. Structural Failures: Leaky roofs, improperly installed windows, clogged drains, overall general faulty construction.
  3. Piping issues: Failing pipes/fittings/valves, freezing pipes, fluid hammer effect (a pressure build-up when fluids stop or change directions suddenly), faulty pipes in primary plumbing walls.
  4. Human Related Issues: Overflowing basins, accidental damage to sprinkler lines, intentional sabotage.
  5. Weather Related Fluid Intrusion: Minor flooding as a result of unexpected weather issues.

“Piping issues and faulty mechanical equipment are some of the most common causes of facility downtime,” explains RLE Technologies Executive Vice President, Jeremy Swanner, “For any of these five areas of threats, a comprehensive business continuity/disaster mitigation plan that includes robust and reliable monitoring equipment such as fluid sensing cable systems, are ideal proactive measures a facility manager can take to minimize the risk of costly downtime in 2015.”

RLE Technologies specializes in identifying and solving fluid leaks or detection issues in mission critical facilities, among other environmental concerns. View their leak-detection checklist here for further information or visit

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RLE Technologies is a leading global provider of critical facility oversight and notification. For decades, RLE has delivered facility monitoring and leak detection technologies that prevent disasters, preserve our customer’s reputation, and provide peace of mind. Thousands of customers world-wide rely on RLE products to detect threats, notify stakeholders, and mitigate risks to their critical sensitive environments. RLE products are manufactured in the US.

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