Fiber-to-the-premise (FTTP) allows for increased network performance in residential buildings, such as homes and apartments, through direct connection to those premises. While this process can be resource intensive and difficult to complete, FTTP broadband providers specialize in the implementation of the final connection between that final connection of cable systems and individual residencies. Empire Access and North Penn Telephone (together, “Empire”), leading FTTP providers in New York and Pennsylvania, were recently acquired by Antin Infrastructure Partners to bolster further growth in FTTP across the two states in which they operate.

Empire, rated the “Fastest ISP in the U.S.” by PCMag in 2021, provides FTTP broadband in Western New York and Northern Pennsylvania with over 1,280 fiber route miles, servicing over 96,000 addresses and 29,000 customers. Based in Prattsburgh, NY, Empire’s critical FTTP infrastructure provides high-speed fiber internet, voice, and digital TV services to customers in the regions it serves. Whether they work from home or engage in other day-to-day internet activities, residents will benefit from greater at-home capabilities and internet speeds. 

Through this acquisition, Antin aims to leverage Empire’s expansive fiber network to extend Empire’s broadband services, especially to underserved communities in the region. Jim Baase, CEO at Empire, commented, “With still a substantial opportunity ahead, we are excited to partner with Antin to help secure that future growth and provide high speed broadband access to consumers across our footprint.” With a greater reach of FTTP, more homes and residential areas can have increased access to high-speed connectivity and related services. With Empire’s network reach and Antin’s strategic portfolio, both organizations expect to benefit greatly from this partnership and are excited to have future projects underway.

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