Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Voices of the Industry.

It feels like a more dangerous world as I write this article as compared to my first day marketing data centers back in 2008.

Coming from the world of casino marketing, I remember vividly having a conversation with my new boss about what drove colocation demand and passing along information about how the casino world handled business continuity/disaster recovery.

Before working in technology, I had thought the whole idea of a disaster recovery (DR) plan was a waste of time.  Apparently I had better things to do then create backups of backups of the database on DVD’s and take them to the secure offsite location. Like a disaster could ever happen in the tiny town of Alton, Illinois.

After a few short months of working in the colocation industry, I came to realize that disaster recovery planning really was a big deal. Developing marketing materials around DR use cases, I encountered devastating stories of businesses without BCDR plans that were hit by a hurricane, flood, fire, act of terrorism or like tragedy that rendered their business inoperable.

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