Digital Fortress, a multi-tenant and wholesale data center provider headquartered in Seattle, Washington has expanded into the Richmond, Virginia market. Originally owned and operated by Capital One, Digital Fortress acquired the built-out facility in Richmond, Virginia. The data center campus includes a 150 kilowatt solar farm as well. Digital Fortress remodeled the facility and installed concurrently maintainable systems, including an additional chiller loop that scaled the facility to 6.6 megawatts in just 12 weeks. The site also includes a 196,625 square foot shell and core space ready for customization that can support up to 25 MW.

Give Digital Fortress eight to nine months and those 25 MW will be fully built out. The robust campus is both extremely secure and LEED Gold certified. Strategically speaking, the company’s newly constructed fiber route interconnects with both the subsea cable landing stations in Virginia Beach and Ashburn. With the facility located in between both locations, Digital Fortress now has easy access to both with latency under 4ms in either direction. 

Other Digital Fortress locations include Seattle, Portland, New Jersey, Denver and Chicago and the company continues to expand to keep up with the demand from their high end financial and large social and digital media customers. Their goal is to give customers the ability to scale and leverage the proper interconnection solutions to go to the cloud or to establish hybrid solutions wherever they go. The company is looking to add more data centers to the central part and east coast of the United States, as well as include additional wholesale sites.  Digital Fortress has big plans, with the Pacific Northwest, Canada and Latin America included in their future, Richmond, Virginia is only the beginning.