DC BLOX, a provider of interconnected multi-tenant data centers delivering the infrastructure and connectivity essential to power today’s digital business, announced that they have won the DataCloud Global award for Excellence in Data Centre Americas. DC BLOX targets smaller, underserved yet growing markets throughout the Southeastern United States which have the same need for reliable local infrastructure as larger ones. In many cases, if local enterprises had not built their own data centers, they have collocated in the nearest major market, oftentimes hundreds of miles away.

The Datacloud Global Awards celebrate outstanding achievements of those across the data centre, cloud and edge sectors throughout the last year.

“It’s an honor to be recognized on a global level and to receive the Datacloud Global Award for Excellence in Data Centre Americas,” stated Jeff Uphues, CEO of DC BLOX.  “Through our Tier III regional data centers, we are able to help enterprises, governments, cloud companies and others embrace digital transformation to support an array of communication infrastructure solutions. This award is a testament to our commitment to customer service and our team’s exceptional capabilities and knowledge to design solutions that meet our customer’s specific needs.”

DC BLOX has been rapidly expanding to more markets, having launched a new data center each year since 2017. The company utilizes a software-defined network fabric to quickly connect customers to the cloud, to partners, and to other providers, enabling fast responses to business opportunities. 

Patrick McLendon, Chief Technology Officer of the City of Birmingham; home to one of DC BLOX’s data centers says “a local Tier III data center with reliable connections to our existing facilities moves us a huge step forward in meeting our City’s IT goals. With DC BLOX as a strategic partner, we can accelerate our plans to digitize the City’s systems, improve the reliability of our services and enhance the customer experience for our citizens. The move also saves the city money by avoiding an expensive rebuild of our existing site and leveraging DC BLOX’s economy of scale.”

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