By Brooke Chaplan

Daunting DataProper storage and organization of your business’ data is helpful when you need to mine it for targeted marketing campaigns or just need quick access while on the go. Efficient storage solutions provide you with additional benefits including access to the data if your main server goes down, and protection of your records in case your business gets hacked. When considering different types of storage and organization for your corporate data, keep some of these options in mind.


Cloud Storage
If your business has an experienced IT staff with the time to have their hands on the data on a regular basis, a simple cloud storage plan may be all you need. Cloud storage providers offer packaged solutions for any size or type of a business. If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur looking to track your sales and inventory, a simple spreadsheet or database that is backed up in the cloud may be an efficient solution for your needs.

Data Management Services
There are many companies that provide cloud storage as well as analysis and management services. FlipDrive, Square Inc., and Lightspeed Retail are just a few companies offering these services to business owners. With these service packages, all of your data is stored in the cloud. The management company will run analyses for you, create reports according to your specifications, and maintain the security of the data.

Mid-Level Solutions
LANDESK is a software solutions and service company that helps businesses of all sizes to manage their assets. Their software products include security, asset, mobility, service, and analysis management systems. They also offer bundled packages that include two or more of these products for businesses that want an integrated storage and management solution for their data. Their software works with a broad array of platforms and can be used for desktop and laptop computers, tablets and smartphones. It can be installed onto Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Linux, and Chromebook devices. Once installed, programs like these save money by reclaiming unused licenses, managing the power use of devices and protects data from skimmers and hackers. With mid-level business solutions from programs like these, you do not need to have your own IT staff.

These data storage and management solutions can help to improve the efficiency and security of your business. Using these online data organization solutions can also help you to deliver an improved customer experience, especially for e-commerce transactions. Making the initial investment in backing up, storing, and managing your data online is well worth your time and money.