Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Rich Miller

chuck-robbins-ciscoNEW YORK – Cisco has entered the data center monitoring market with Tetration, a solution that combines hardware, software, analytics and machine learning. The new offering seeks to provide greater visibility into what’s happening inside the data center, with monitoring and security features to help enterprises, governments and service providers get their arms around the challenges inside their networks.

Cisco clearly sees an opportunity in the crowded market for data center management tools, including tools offered by hardware vendors, software companies and service providers. The problems targeted by Tetration are not new ones, CEO Chuck Robbins said Cisco can bring something new to the table.

“There are products in the marketplace that do pieces of this, or have ambitions to do this,” said Robbins, who spoke at a press event atop One World Trade Center in New York. “Many companies, from global giants to inspired startups, have tackled data center visibility with different tools, and they’ve managed to deliver bits and pieces of the solution. But we believe no one has the comprehensive, end-to-end solution for the data center that we’ve developed.”

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