Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Rich Miller.

Communication towers are emerging as the new frontier in edge computing, a trend that is boosting collaboration between data center companies and tower real estate specialists. Almost no one is better positioned to capitalize on this trend than Digital Bridge, a veteran of the tower industry that has built a formidable data center network through a series of acquisitions.

Two Digital Bridge portfolio companies, DataBank and Vertical Bridge, today announced plans to build a network of micro data centers at the base of cell towers. DataBank, which operates a network of colocation facilities, will provide the data center expertise. Vertical Bridge, which owns 55,000 wireless sites, will provide the real estate.

“Tower-based data centers bring the cloud into local areas and dovetail with the emerging C-RAN network architecture of the future,” said Bernard Borghei, Executive Vice President of Operations and Co-Founder of Vertical Bridge. “We’re looking forward to working with DataBank to be an important first mover in this space.”

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